Saturday, 16 March 2013

March 2013

A quick thank you for everyone’s patience, we’re currently waiting on our print order.

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Quick update

We’d like to remind everyone we’re no longer accepting submissions after the 20th of February for our March magazine launch issue. You can still submit for the blog or pending summer issue however.
- That Cat

Thursday, 31 January 2013

February 2013 Blog Roll

The countdown to D-Day (Dogs on holiDay) ends, here's our February 2013 roster ;

*to contributors; if there are any errors or oversights please let us know and they’ll be corrected ASAP.
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Applaws Worthy Pin-Up

This is Lester, he resides with Deborah Klein and loves getting his picture published as much as possible.

Jodene Has a BF

Jodene Has a BF
Marc S. Cohen

            And now everyone's upset. WTF?? texts Dakota. OMFG!!! texts Mercede. :O#@!%!!!! texts Serenity. Worst to take it is Serenity. Everyone just assumed she was going to be the first. It was Serenity whose Middle School classmates voted most likely to grow up to be a centerfold. She was the first to get braces, and the first to graduate to a B-cup. Is it her fault the boys are all intimidated by her? Even the high school boys?

Plucked Or On Vine


S. Alex is a writer, artist and unproven sociopath. Her agent is her cat Bodanius Rufus.

Kitties in the Midst

      Kitties in the Midst
   Deborah Klein

Friends and family who know me also know I will be a lone, old woman surrounded by cats, or at least a cat, until I die.  If the nursing home won’t allow them, my daughter will smuggle one in in a Little Debbie cookie box.

I love all the creatures, (except poisonous   snakes, spiders, and other really ugly, terrifying things that breathe.)   But I respect every creature’s right to be here.  I’m certainly not worthy of having dominion over them, that’s for damned sure. That was one of God’s stupid ideas, putting us in charge. Lot’s wife was another stupid decision.  So was menopause and cramps.